Angelo: Hey, it's me Angelo, well, good and reliable advice for every occasion!

Laurenty: So boring! Sometimes after school there is absolutely nothing to do!

Angelo: Rozchmurzcie się i skupcie! Powiem jak urozmaicić nudne popołudnie!

Narrator: After School

Angelo: Video games and watching TV is a fantastic entertainment!

Peter: I, I!

Angelo Dad: (Watching TV, probably match)

Elena: (Receives remote Angelo)

Angelo Mom: Did you clean your room Angelo!

Angelo: So instead, you can have fun on the court. (They play the ball)

Laurenty: And if it rains?

Angelo: Just move backyard fun home! (He goes to the board)

Laurenty: Home skatepark? WordHex!

Angelo: (Board made a mess)

Angelo Mom: (She came)

Drawing Mom and Dad (They chase him)

Laurenty: And if that does not work out, you can make a movie!

Angelo: Cool idea, Laurenty! You can ask me anything you need to know about everything!

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